Call for Sponsors for WordCamp Ottawa 2014

Why does it make sense to be a Sponsor of WordCamp Ottawa 2014? Consider

  • The company we keep—We expect more than 300 WordPress bloggers, designers, developers and local business owners will attend WordCamp Ottawa 2014
  • The interest we stimulate—We expect thousands of WordPress users will visit our website
  • The recognition—We’ll acknowledge your contribution and support before and at the conference

Of course, these are just a few of the reasons companies and individuals step forward as Sponsors. There are others—and we wouldn’t mind hearing yours, whether it’s because WordCamp sponsorship is good business or just to give back a little.

WordCamps need sponsors

Because, you know, WordCamps need Sponsors. They support our efforts to get the word out. They help us provide an environment that supports learning, meeting and networking. They enable us to offer certain comforts, like coffee and muffins in the morning and a lunch at midday.

People understand that the things Sponsors help provide make a WordCamp more successful or pleasant. They improve the experience of the conference for all of us. Sponsorship matters.

Learn more

If you’re considering sponsorship, you’ll want to look over our various sponsorship levels.

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