Call for Volunteers for WordCamp Ottawa 2014

Why volunteer for WordCamp Ottawa 2014?

Because we’ll need your help

We have a conference to set up, run and take down, hundreds of people to welcome, register and offer direction and snacks and advice to about everything from where a room is located to where lunch will be held.

Who we’re looking for

We aren’t looking for specialists, just those with a pleasant manner, a willingness to do the work that needs doing and an aptitude for delivering calm, helpful solutions.

You, in short.

Are you our Registration Manager?

We’re particularly interested in you if you’d like to be our Registration Manager.

Our Registration Manager helps keep the Registration Table running smoothly from before the sessions start to end-of-day. The person isn’t usually interested in the sessions—and can only be spared to attend one, max. Do such dedicated individuals exist? Actually, yes. They’re often a close friend or a relative of an attendee.

If you’d like to be our Registration Manager, apply today. If you know someone who’d be a good candidate, get in touch and ask them to apply. We currently have openings for this position on the Saturday and the Sunday.

Free ticket

And to help you decide to become one of our volunteers, we’d like to offer you—in exchange for three hours of on-duty volunteering—a free ticket to the event.

Not that you’ll need to accept our offer. You might prefer to support the event both by volunteering and by buying your own ticket. It’s just that as a volunteer you wouldn’t have to.

Learn more

The first step in volunteering for WordCamp Ottawa 2014 is to visit our Volunteering at WordCamp page. You’ll note we have a Volunteer Application page—and that volunteers must agree to the conditions spelled out in the WordCamp Ottawa 2014 Involvement Agreement

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