How Feedback Has Helped

We asked last year’s 300-plus attendees for their opinions about WordCamp Ottawa—and more than 40 used our feedback survey to respond.

The survey showed that almost all respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with their overall experience at the event. The best part, they said, was the sessions. Next came networking and socializing. The panels were a close third.

These results told us we ought to stick with last year’s format—and that’s what we’ve done. They also suggested we should look for ways to encourage people to get to know one another. We hope that adding lunch this year on the Saturday will do just that.

We also learned that about three in five respondents believed WordCamp Ottawa should be longer than it was last year. Of these, some two in three wanted a second, optional day of workshops.

To respond, we’ve extended the event to Sunday afternoon. That afternoon we’re planning to have three tracks, each track with two sessions, each session running 1 hour and 45 minutes. The sessions will focus on involved WordPress-related topics.

High proportions of our respondents informed us that the morning and afternoon snacks were good or excellent. Well, they’re back—and we’ve added lunch, which is a good thing considering that three in four said they would prefer it if lunch was included.

For the first WordCamp Ottawa, the organizers aimed to offer an event that satisfied attendees—and it’s the aim guiding our choices for WordCamp Ottawa 2014. If you have suggestions as we finalize WordCamp Ottawa 2014, send them in today. We listen.

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