Presentation Slides

We will be posting links to the speakers slide decks here as soon as they are made available to us.

Advancing your custom fields
Presented by Troy Chaplin
not available yet
Be the Perfect Client: A Guide to Working with Developers
Presented by Lucas Cherkewski
Blogging from your mobile devices
Presented by Christoph Trappe
Build a Responsive WordPress Theme with Zurbs Foundation Framework
Presented by Brendan Sera-Shriar
Content Marketing with Guest Posts for Businesses and Bloggers
Presented by Brian Rotsztein
not available yet
Copyright & The How-To’s of Online Image Posting
Presented by Ariadni Athanassiadis
Copyright & The How-To’s of Online Image Posting
Creating a Simple Child Theme for WordPress
Presented by Amy Young
Develop Plugins Like a Pro
Presented by Alison Barrett
Developing a Marketing Strategy for Your WordPress Creations.
Presented by Ryan Parent
Down with Sliders! Show them everything!
Presented by Michal Bluma
Demo site:
Engineering Happiness for your Clients: Support through Building Relationships.
Presented by Mikey Arce
not available yet
Extending Gravity forms: a deep dive into hooks, filters and API calls
Presented by Paul Bearne
Getting Set-up with Hosting and WordPress
Presented by Gregory Young
GIT Down to Business – An Introduction to Version Control
Presented by Michael Corkum
not available yet
Hardening Your Website To Attacks or Making It Easier to Hack Into Someone-Else’s Website
Presented by Mike Venables
How to create a child theme – Workshop
Presented by Laurie M. Rauch
How to Effectively Teach WordPress
Presented by Ben Fox
Interacting with WordPress in your own applications.
Presented by Joey Kudish
Internet Business-Building, Marketing, and Selling Tips and Strategies For WordPress Websites That Sell or Promote Goods and Services Online.
Presented by Michel Fortin
Introduction to WordPress
Presented by Jasmine Vesque, Rick Radko
Making It Rain Conversions. How to get visitors to do what you want
Presented by Stéphane Boisvert
not available yet
Maximizing resources: Manage the back-end of your business with your WP dashboard
Presented by Angele Lafond
not available yet
Modern WordPress Development
Presented by Scott Walkinshaw
Saving Time with WP-CLI
Presented by Taylor Lovett
not available yet
Scaling WordPress for the world and on a (relatively small) budget
Presented by Alan Lok
Setting Up a Local WordPress Development Environment
Presented by Gregory Young
So You’re Ready to Start Making Money from Your WordPress Site… Now What?
Presented by Elizabeth Kricfalusi
Strategies for Improving the Performance of Your WordPress Website
Presented by Victor Granic
The 10 User Experience Principles à la WordPress
Presented by Elida Arrizza
The Database Schema
Presented by Mohammad Jangda
not available yet
There’s a Plugin for that!
Presented by Alex Ruaux
Time Code: Scheduling Automated Tasks Using WP_Cron
Presented by Shawn Hooper
Tips for WordPress Freelancers (Business)
Presented by Christopher Ross
not available yet
To the Word and Beyond! Extending WordPress Past a Simple Blog
Presented by Meagan Hanes
not available yet
WordPress Accessibility – building WordPress websites that EVERYONE can use
Presented by Jordan Quintal
WordPress for Designers
Presented by James Hipkin
WordPress for Designers
WordPress for Small Businesses
Presented by Shanta Nathwani
WordPress Security – The Latest and Greatest Around Website Security
Presented by Tony Perez
WordPress Themes and Frameworks Explained
Presented by Richard Martin
Writing Tips for Non-Writers (No Grammar Geeks Allowed!)
Presented by Julie Harrison
not available yet

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