Sessions, Tracks and Schedule Explained

WordCamp Ottawa 2014 will offer separate tracks for Content Creators, Site Creators and Code Creators. Each track on the Saturday will have seven sessions. Each of the Sunday tracks will have two or three sessions.

What is a session?

A WordCamp session is an individual presentation on a specific topic. A session can also be a workshop or panel discussion.

What is a track?

A WordCamp track is a group of sessions that, together, address a specific audience. WordCamp organizers like to make sure that the WordCamp they are organizing addresses a number of audiences. Audience groups can include beginner users, intermediate users, website designers, and software developers. Sessions are organized in tracks to address each audience group.

How many tracks does WordCamp Ottawa 2014 have?

WordCamp Ottawa 2014 will have three tracks, for:

  • Content Creators This track targets you if you are new to WordPress. You are probably interested in starting a WordPress site and want to find out more about how to get started on WordPress. Or you may already have a site and you want to get more out of your site. This track may include sessions like what to do after you install WordPress, how to select a theme, typography choices, social media marketing with WordPress, making a living with WordPress and how to create a blog post.
  • Site Creators You are a more experienced WordPress user and want to look deeper into specific topics, and perhaps get your feet wet with some code. Sessions presented in this track may include topics like installing a multisite, child themes, customizing a theme, UX design, tips for business building, and improving site performance.
  • Code Creators You are probably comfortable with writing code and want to explore the more technical elements of WordPress. Attend the sessions in this track to learn things like how to code a theme from scratch, responsive design, custom post types, debugging WordPress, WordPress VIP development and how to contribute to WordPress.

Do I have to sign up for one track?

No. In fact, you do not have to sign up for any tracks at all. You are free to choose the track that suits you and you can move between tracks.

During the registration process we ask for your track preference. This is not to commit you to a particular track. We are just trying to work out room size requirements for each track. Again, indicating which track you are interested in at registration is not a commitment to attend that track.

Am I allowed to attend sessions in different tracks?

Yes. You should look for the topics that interest you the most and attend those sessions. That’s the beauty of a WordCamp.

At times, you might find the presentation contains material that is either too advanced or too basic. Chances are, though, that you will learn something new in each session.

The WordPress topic I’m interested in isn’t being covered at this WordCamp. What can I do?

WordPress is a big topic, and it’s hard to cover everything in one WordCamp. You can ask any WordPress question of our experts at the Happiness Bar.  Another great resource for you will be WordPress TV where presentations from past WordCamps around the world are posted.

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