Thank You for Helping Make WordCamp Ottawa 2014 a Tremendous Success!

You can’t stage an event like WordCamp Ottawa 2014 without help—and your event organizers have quite a few people to thank.

Our attendees

First of all, we’d like to thank the hundreds of people who came out, listened, asked questions, offered opinions, made friends and explored business opportunities during the last couple of days. An event like this one needs an understanding and appreciative audience—and we certainly had one this year!

Our volunteers

To the thanks we owe our attendees, we’d like to add a special thanks to our volunteers. We were fortunate to attract the skills of people who worked tirelessly for the benefit of all of us who took part in this event.

Our speakers and presenters

We said we were holding a WordCamp and we asked speakers and presenters to step forward—and a great group of speakers answered our call. By sharing their knowledge and insights, they have helped make the Ottawa WordPress community stronger and better able to use the WordPress publishing platform.

WordCamp Ottawa 2014 speakers included Mikey Arce, Elida Arrizza, Ariadni Athanassiadis, Alison Barrett, Paul Bearne, Michal Bluma, Stéphane Boisvert, Troy Chaplin, Lucas Cherkewski, Michael Corkum, Michel Fortin, Ben Fox, Victor Granic, Meagan Hanes, Julie Harrison, James Hipkin, Shawn Hooper, Mohammad Jangda, Elizabeth Kricfalusi, Joey Kudish, Angele Lafond, Alan Lok, Taylor Lovett, Richard Martin, Shanta Nathwani, Ryan Parent, Tony Perez, Jordan Quintal, Rick Radko, Laurie M. Rauch, Christopher Ross, Brian Rotsztein, Alex Ruaux, Brendan Sera-Shriar, Christoph Trappe, Mike Venables, Jasmine Vesque, Scott Walkinshaw, Amy Young, Gregory Young.

Our sponsors

We couldn’t hold a WordCamp without sponsors. Their contributions meet about three-quarters of the cost of holding the event. That makes them quite literally essential—and on behalf of the organizers and all involved in WordPress in Ottawa we thank each of them.

WordCamp Ottawa 2014 sponsors included:

  • Carleton University — Venue Sponsor
  • Bluehost — WordCamp Pillar
  • WiredTree — WordCamp Pillar
  • Code Poet — WordCamp Champion
  • DreamHost — WordCamp Champion
  • — WordCamp Accomplice
  • Scott Buckingham Media — Platinum Level
  • easyPress — Bronze Level
  • SIDEKICK — Bronze Level
  • The Genius Web Media — Bronze Level
  • Yoast — Bronze Level
  • Transforme Communications Inc. — Small Biz

We’d like to add special appreciation for Carleton University, for being our Venue Sponsor for this event. It was a great venue—and the University helped us every step of the way.

Finally, we’d like to thank Patty Boland’s, a great place with a friendly and inviting atmosphere, for offering us an excellent venue for our networking get-together on Saturday night.

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