Why Approach the Happiness Bar?

To get WordPress help from experts for free.

What’s a Happiness Bar?

A Happiness Bar is a WordCamp tradition.

It’s where you bring WordPress-related questions and an expert responds—one-on-one, in a relaxed setting—with answers that reflect knowledge and experience.

You might want to know about installing WordPress or how to get it to behave in a certain way. Your question might be about setting up a small, personal site or sorting out an issue on the type of complex installation a large company uses to face the world.

No question is too big or too small. And while our Happiness Bar pros may not have an answer for every technical question, they’ll surely sit down with you, listen and do their best to help.

You can think of the Happiness Bar as a live help desk.

Who staffs the Happiness Bar?

Our Happiness Bar experts are friendly volunteers. They may be WordCamp speakers. They may build and maintain WordPress sites for a living. They know their stuff, and they’re here for many reasons, one being to give back to WordPress and the WordPress community.

What should you bring to a Happiness Bar?


Sometimes showing is better than telling. If it can help you explain a question, by all means show the Happiness Bar expert your site.

But this isn’t always necessary. If you don’t plan to bring a PC or another device to WordCamp Ottawa 2014, just approach the Happiness Bar, ask your question and see what you can learn.

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